Looky what I made

LJ, that I like but don’t have much of a clue how to use.

I’m not migrating, just compartmentalising. 😉 Sim stuff, like sim PLAYING stuff goes there. Writery sim stuff, or just plain writery stuff, stays on WordPress. Simples. *chirp*

I don’t know how things will go with LJ, but I’m thinking of being sociable and checking out other people’s journals and stuff. To be fair, I don’t do much of that here – partially because not so many people are on here these days – but I think WP will always have my heart in terms of usability and interface. LJ… hurts my head to look at sometimes. But, yeah. Just a kind of ‘letting you know post’. Also: DONE FOR THE SUMMER! College is over and out, which is great… only my summer is looking frantically uneventful. Job hunting commences soon, which hopefully will prove fruitful; but if it doesn’t, they’re be plenty of time to sim and be online and stuff. Soooo – see you around! 🙂



Got my tablet to work at last! I was having difficulty using it with my laptop. Turns out, I just made the derpy mistake of not realising I had to use the installation disks, just like when I was setting it up originally on our desktop computer. Found those, ran the program, sat through the navigation tutorial for the lulz and now I’m hoping to crank out a few edits (photographic and Simatic ones). … 😀