Looky what I made

LJ, that I like but don’t have much of a clue how to use.

I’m not migrating, just compartmentalising. 😉 Sim stuff, like sim PLAYING stuff goes there. Writery sim stuff, or just plain writery stuff, stays on WordPress. Simples. *chirp*

I don’t know how things will go with LJ, but I’m thinking of being sociable and checking out other people’s journals and stuff. To be fair, I don’t do much of that here – partially because not so many people are on here these days – but I think WP will always have my heart in terms of usability and interface. LJ… hurts my head to look at sometimes. But, yeah. Just a kind of ‘letting you know post’. Also: DONE FOR THE SUMMER! College is over and out, which is great… only my summer is looking frantically uneventful. Job hunting commences soon, which hopefully will prove fruitful; but if it doesn’t, they’re be plenty of time to sim and be online and stuff. Soooo – see you around! 🙂


April update

Just giving the site a bit of a tidy up, as regards categories and tags. I’m happy enough with the layout and theme for the moment, but my posts are now categorised more accordingly in a fewer number of categories. I think for a while there I was using categories as tags. *facepalm* It’s a bit easier now to read similarly orientated posts, if you are so inclined. Also, I think I might start getting into the habit of using these new-fangled tag things. WordPress is constantly telling me that I ought to do so and what can I say, I have a habit of just accepting and complying with what authority figures tell me. 😀

Incidentally, although it’s kinda old news now, Kony Video #2 is up. I haven’t watched it myself yet, which is a little silly given I’m linking to it here – but I assure you that I will, eventually.

Bit redundant putting it up now, when I can’t really discuss it, but hopefully I can save that for another day.

I’m currently moving all my remaining TS2 custom content off the family desktop and onto a USB stick, which will then be transferred onto my laptop Barney. It’s sad in a way – on the other hand, it’s as annoying as hell as the computer is really taking its time cutting and pasting (I didn’t have the patience to copy, which might be an issue if my USB throws a wobbly – fingers crossed it doesn’t!) and I’ll be really happy when all my CC is booted up and ready to roll on Barney. I found a few neighbourhood folder back-ups too, which should be interesting to load up and examine, if even just to make sure I’m not going to delete anything I’ll later miss. I’m a believer in fresh starts, as regards TS2 neighbourhoods anyway, so I’ll more then likely do a back-up clear out sooner or later. I only really mentioned the latter as I may have found a back-up of my old legacy hood–the one the Metamorphis family inhabited–though I don’t know how old it is or how far I might have progressed with it.

I know a lot of the simming community have shared tastes in books and following on from that, film adaptations of books. With that said – Hunger Games? I saw the movie last Friday, and it’s really the first time that I’ve watched a  film adaptation of a teenage book series without having read the books themselves. I thought it was pretty good actually. The effects were top class, the acting of the leads and supporting actors showed that of Twilight (a similar type of film franchise, all things considered) up and despite the fact that I couldn’t keep up with the names or the plot for a good length of the film’s duration, I really enjoyed it. It’s a film that aims to please the book fans of course and, while it has achieved this aim, that does make it a bit difficult keep up with, if you’ve yet to read the books. However, I can say I’m anticipating not just the next movie, but also digging into the books. I wasn’t too fussed about doing that before, but now I’m set on getting through them this summer. I’m won over! 😀

Nothing of too much importance to pass on today, but once my exams are over and I’m at home for the summer, I ought to have some slightly more interesting things to talk about. In the meantime – happy Easter! 🙂