Got my tablet to work at last! I was having difficulty using it with my laptop. Turns out, I just made the derpy mistake of not realising I had to use the installation disks, just like when I was setting it up originally on our desktop computer. Found those, ran the program, sat through the navigation tutorial for the lulz and now I’m hoping to crank out a few edits (photographic and Simatic ones). … 😀


April update

Just giving the site a bit of a tidy up, as regards categories and tags. I’m happy enough with the layout and theme for the moment, but my posts are now categorised more accordingly in a fewer number of categories. I think for a while there I was using categories as tags. *facepalm* It’s a bit easier now to read similarly orientated posts, if you are so inclined. Also, I think I might start getting into the habit of using these new-fangled tag things. WordPress is constantly telling me that I ought to do so and what can I say, I have a habit of just accepting and complying with what authority figures tell me. 😀

Incidentally, although it’s kinda old news now, Kony Video #2 is up. I haven’t watched it myself yet, which is a little silly given I’m linking to it here – but I assure you that I will, eventually.

Bit redundant putting it up now, when I can’t really discuss it, but hopefully I can save that for another day.

I’m currently moving all my remaining TS2 custom content off the family desktop and onto a USB stick, which will then be transferred onto my laptop Barney. It’s sad in a way – on the other hand, it’s as annoying as hell as the computer is really taking its time cutting and pasting (I didn’t have the patience to copy, which might be an issue if my USB throws a wobbly – fingers crossed it doesn’t!) and I’ll be really happy when all my CC is booted up and ready to roll on Barney. I found a few neighbourhood folder back-ups too, which should be interesting to load up and examine, if even just to make sure I’m not going to delete anything I’ll later miss. I’m a believer in fresh starts, as regards TS2 neighbourhoods anyway, so I’ll more then likely do a back-up clear out sooner or later. I only really mentioned the latter as I may have found a back-up of my old legacy hood–the one the Metamorphis family inhabited–though I don’t know how old it is or how far I might have progressed with it.

I know a lot of the simming community have shared tastes in books and following on from that, film adaptations of books. With that said – Hunger Games? I saw the movie last Friday, and it’s really the first time that I’ve watched a  film adaptation of a teenage book series without having read the books themselves. I thought it was pretty good actually. The effects were top class, the acting of the leads and supporting actors showed that of Twilight (a similar type of film franchise, all things considered) up and despite the fact that I couldn’t keep up with the names or the plot for a good length of the film’s duration, I really enjoyed it. It’s a film that aims to please the book fans of course and, while it has achieved this aim, that does make it a bit difficult keep up with, if you’ve yet to read the books. However, I can say I’m anticipating not just the next movie, but also digging into the books. I wasn’t too fussed about doing that before, but now I’m set on getting through them this summer. I’m won over! 😀

Nothing of too much importance to pass on today, but once my exams are over and I’m at home for the summer, I ought to have some slightly more interesting things to talk about. In the meantime – happy Easter! 🙂

I would drink sun cream to hasten April along

Wow, guys. We’ve been having a serious heat wave over here on the Emerald Isle. College has become a swarm of shorts, sandals and sunburn. It’s brilliant, the weather… I’d love to be enjoying it more, but this week has been assignment hell for me. Two essays, one presentation, an online worksheet assignment and two graded scene enactments – thankfully by Saturday they’ll all be done and ready to be forgotten about. …Sadly, rain is forecasted for the weekend. Murphy’s Law: never fails as far as work and weather are concerned. 😛

Despite the blissy mood I’ve been in all week (result of all the extra Vitamin D I’ve been getting) my writing’s been leaning towards the grim, depressing and potentially obscure recently. No, I’m not talking about my 2500 word essay on the effect the Cold War had on theatre which I’ve only just started; I’ve actually written some non-obligatory things recently! This is a revelation for me, given I’ve been fairly idle wannabe-writer-wise for the last six months. I’m feeling vaguely pleased with myself, so I’d figure I’d share something. Nothing stellar at all, but sure I’ll stick them up anyway.

First up: random poem I had to write based on a postcard. Bit difficult to make sense of it in the first place, but it’s even more difficult when I can’t supply the exact image in question. It was of the Piazza Di Spagna in Rome however and it was a fairly enticing picture – you’d certainly feel jealous getting that in your letter box!

Passing up the stairs
It felt like they were walking through a tapestry.
Red and gold but not
Brilliant; faded,
Like frail threads of a medieval relic.
Unused to the lack of banister, they
Clutched each other
Not just for support
But with the tentative grasps of promise.

Not Paris, no; but perhaps the eternal city
Was a better omen for the journey they would embark on.

Secondly, something a lot shorter (and possibly more ambiguous). It’s prose, very short, too adjective-filled and something I’d like to explore further once my life is exam- and assignment-free. 🙂

Sterile beeping. The clack of decisive feet through linoleum-paved halls. A sustained hush, broken only by laboured breathing, the rattle of a trolley passing or the subdued sniffs of relatives and friends. Hospitals have distinctive sounds; none so much as those found in the intensive care unit.

After giving Jen’s hand one last squeeze, I released her unfeeling fingers and got to my feet.

A few days late, but perhaps that can be excused?

I did promise to fill out that Goodies section. 🙂 The picture might not speak a thousand words, but it does save me a lot of typing to be honest. Basically, three Adult sims, available to download from Box, with a kind of Irishy feel about them. I’m putting them up a few days later than I’d anticipated, but to be fair – would you have been around to download them on St Patrick’s Day itself? I know I wasn’t around to upload them! 😉

Anyway, I do hope you enjoyed March 17th, wherever in the world you are and whatever the scale of the celebrations were there. All that’s left to say after that is – enjoy these too!

A Flag Personified?

Completely unable to distinguish between spam and ham

Askimet is keeping busy these days, with the amount of comments it’s been marking as spam and chucking in the ‘delete NOW’ bin. Thing is, I’m god awful at telling whether something is an intentional comment or a random one made only to advertise the site of a poster or Viagra or whatever spammers seek to draw attention too. What I mean to say is: if you did make a genuine comment and it hasn’t been approved at this stage, don’t be afraid to post again. I will, in the future, pay more attention to what I’m marking to delete in my spam box.

In more sim-orientated news – the TS2 site seems more functional than it has been of late (made it onto my SimPage at last – success!) and I’m nearly done moving all my sim custom content from the desktop onto recently repaired Barney the laptop. I can’t say this means there’s going to be a surge in updates or anything but it may mean that when I do post, it won’t be a complaint about how  I can’t post things – because I no longer have any excuses. Sims go to college, eyyyyyy. 🙂 OK, now it’s sleep-deprived essay time. Buh-bye!

Kony 2012


You’ve probably seen or heard about this already. There’s no harm in sharing the vid though, even if just one other person is made aware of Joseph Kony and his exploits.

I’m one of the sceptics. Without a doubt Joseph Kony is the very worst kind of psychopath, whose needs to be held accountable for the crimes he has committed against his own people. Whether the Invisible Children is the most earnest organisation to spearhead this cause, however, is what I’m questioning. It’s alarming how little of the funds they’re raising goes towards what they claim is their main objective: catching Kony.

What I do agree with though, is that bringing this man to justice is what they should be focusing their efforts on. No, Joseph Kony hasn’t been seen in Uganda for upwards of six years; the Lord’s Resistance Army is its hundreds, as opposed to the thousands the video might lead you to believe. He may not be the biggest, baddest player out there at the moment, in that there are dozens of men out there that are inflicting just as much (if not more) pain and terror on people. I don’t say this to downplay the horror of what Kony has done and authorised over the years; however it is true that there are more active warlords out there, whose crimes are just as bad. Why not focus your efforts on stopping them?

But catching Kony would be a start. Capturing this man and having him face consequences for his crimes would be a great achievement, paving the route for further arrests and trials. If it can be proved that it is possible to bring men like Kony to justice, the world might have the confidence to try and stop the reign of other tyrants, despots and warlords. For this reason, I’ll probably be out the night of April 20th, covering the city I live in with posters along with the friends of mine who have been completely moved by the video and the atrocities it describes. I think I’ll always be a little on the fence about the whole thing. But, whatever about the Invisible Children organisation, making people aware of who Joseph Kony is–and just what he has done to the people of Uganda and its surrounding countries–can’t have many negatives.

A bit of a divergence from my usual blogging fodder, but I did feel this was worth mentioning and discussing. 🙂

Up for adoption

I’ve been meaning to get around to this for a while now. Speaks for itself really – ten of the main characters from Shades of Grey, available for download from the Goodies page. Some of them appear in the first chapter, others are merely mentioned; either way, you’re now able to have them running around in your game. While I’m not really concerned what you do with them these days, I’d appreciate if you didn’t re-upload them anywhere. If you do anything interesting with them in your game, don’t be afraid to let me know! I haven’t bred any of them yet, so I’m not sure what their spawn would look like – any baby pictures would be appreciated. 😉

Nothing more to do really; I’m in the process of adding descriptions and histories to each page so bear with me. Nothing more to add either, except the Goodies page should be getting a little more occupied and goody-filled soon. 🙂

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