Looky what I made

LJ, that I like but don’t have much of a clue how to use.

I’m not migrating, just compartmentalising. 😉 Sim stuff, like sim PLAYING stuff goes there. Writery sim stuff, or just plain writery stuff, stays on WordPress. Simples. *chirp*

I don’t know how things will go with LJ, but I’m thinking of being sociable and checking out other people’s journals and stuff. To be fair, I don’t do much of that here – partially because not so many people are on here these days – but I think WP will always have my heart in terms of usability and interface. LJ… hurts my head to look at sometimes. But, yeah. Just a kind of ‘letting you know post’. Also: DONE FOR THE SUMMER! College is over and out, which is great… only my summer is looking frantically uneventful. Job hunting commences soon, which hopefully will prove fruitful; but if it doesn’t, they’re be plenty of time to sim and be online and stuff. Soooo – see you around! 🙂


POTTERMORE and a few downloads

It’s up! 😀

Pottermore membership is something I’ve been envious of for the last few months – since coming to college and talking to fellow Potter fans, who were way more in-tune with the online happenings of the wizarding world. 😉 I have no idea how long this has been up for, but if you’re anything like me (someone who had given up on checking the site frequently in hopes of seeing it open for membership) you might appreciate being alerted to the fact. Get on yer broom and go visit!


Secondly – I come bearing more simmies. Similar to the last set, these are thematic in nature – although slightly more ‘normal’ than my usual offerings. 🙂 Go give them a look, if you’re looking for some fresh summery blood/pixels in your neighbourhood.

let the sun shine, let the sun shine baby


Got my tablet to work at last! I was having difficulty using it with my laptop. Turns out, I just made the derpy mistake of not realising I had to use the installation disks, just like when I was setting it up originally on our desktop computer. Found those, ran the program, sat through the navigation tutorial for the lulz and now I’m hoping to crank out a few edits (photographic and Simatic ones). … 😀

Kony 2012


You’ve probably seen or heard about this already. There’s no harm in sharing the vid though, even if just one other person is made aware of Joseph Kony and his exploits.

I’m one of the sceptics. Without a doubt Joseph Kony is the very worst kind of psychopath, whose needs to be held accountable for the crimes he has committed against his own people. Whether the Invisible Children is the most earnest organisation to spearhead this cause, however, is what I’m questioning. It’s alarming how little of the funds they’re raising goes towards what they claim is their main objective: catching Kony.

What I do agree with though, is that bringing this man to justice is what they should be focusing their efforts on. No, Joseph Kony hasn’t been seen in Uganda for upwards of six years; the Lord’s Resistance Army is its hundreds, as opposed to the thousands the video might lead you to believe. He may not be the biggest, baddest player out there at the moment, in that there are dozens of men out there that are inflicting just as much (if not more) pain and terror on people. I don’t say this to downplay the horror of what Kony has done and authorised over the years; however it is true that there are more active warlords out there, whose crimes are just as bad. Why not focus your efforts on stopping them?

But catching Kony would be a start. Capturing this man and having him face consequences for his crimes would be a great achievement, paving the route for further arrests and trials. If it can be proved that it is possible to bring men like Kony to justice, the world might have the confidence to try and stop the reign of other tyrants, despots and warlords. For this reason, I’ll probably be out the night of April 20th, covering the city I live in with posters along with the friends of mine who have been completely moved by the video and the atrocities it describes. I think I’ll always be a little on the fence about the whole thing. But, whatever about the Invisible Children organisation, making people aware of who Joseph Kony is–and just what he has done to the people of Uganda and its surrounding countries–can’t have many negatives.

A bit of a divergence from my usual blogging fodder, but I did feel this was worth mentioning and discussing. 🙂



In case you don’t believe me, a screenshot of the latest BBS thread. Check out the ringed and highlighted date. 😉

EA: you did it. Yes, it took you two and a half months but still, I will grudgingly admit that you haven’t quite forgotten about us TS2ers.

Everyone else: get yer butts over to the BBS now, and go CELEBRATE while it’s still working/visible/THERE.

I may comment more on this, but right now I’m too gobsmacked/excited/fresh from attending a three-hour debate on transgenderism to do so.

it’s ALIVE!

In the meantime…

While I’m trying to come up with new stuff to put on this site, I have got a few things already here that people might be interested in. Firstly, the Short Pieces section. I’ve got a few short stories and such there, which might be worth the read if you have both time and patience. 🙂 It’s probably a bit weird recommending things, when I wrote them, but my personal favourites are “Untitled” and “An Undiscovered Paradise”.

On a side note, I’ve now uploaded both Figment and Whirlwind and they’re also available to read in this section. They’re there, not because they are amazing, awe-inspiring reads (they aren’t), but because I don’t want to lose them completely with the TS2 site being on its last legs. [Again EA: give us a progress update already or just let us know that you’re not going to fix it, if that’s the case. Pretending that the site and the TS2 community don’t exist isn’t doing anything for your standing amongst the franchise’s fans.]

Finally, a little news (not about the story that must not be named – but hopefully I’ll get going on that soon). Story fans will have to settle for my short stories, but legacy fans might be interested. 😀 Does anyone remember The Belle Metamorphosis? I got as far as the eleventh chapter (which was really the thirteenth, but I digress), where the third generation was heading to college. Anyway, with the site down indefinitely :P, I’ve decided to boot up my second (actually, my first) WordPress blog, which has been lying dormant and in private mode for the last year or so while this one hogged the limelight.

Now I had thought I’d lost all my old screenshots when the family desktop threw a wobbly and deleted them on me. Turns out, yes, they’re gone off the computer… but at some stage I’d backed them up on an old SD card, which I just found this morning. It means that I can do for TBM what I’ve done for Figment and Whirlwind – host the chapters externally on WordPress, so they can be read even with the Exchange being down.

And that’s the plan, really. I’ll be gradually be uploading chapters there, as well as doing up that site (one of the default themes will have to do for the moment). So if you haven’t read my somewhat warped Prettacy (and you’re into reading legacies), keep an eye out for the chapters as I upload them. It shouldn’t take me heaps of time (considering everything’s already written/played/done basically), but it does take a while to upload all the pictures (I host them on Photobucket, just out of interest) and format the chapter pages. Plus, we all know that me and Procrastination are married and expecting our first child, so what shouldn’t take a massive amount of time might be a while in the coming.

Other than that… happy… belated… Arthur’s Day? 😛