This blog I don’t treat kindly enough

This blog and I have had some good times, since starting it two years ago.

It documents my maturity. As a person. A writer. A simmer. It hasn’t recorded any of these things of late, mostly because I haven’t posted in over six months.

But maybe that’s a recording in itself.

Ok, leaving the attempts to be deep and meaningful aside, it’s hard to know what to say. This blog was set up as an alternative space to that I occupied on the Sims 2 website and on various forums (most notably, The Unofficial BBS) – a place I could spam without fear of annoying others or censorship. Now the former is gone forever, and I don’t frequent the latter at all. It’s not that I’ve moved on from the Sims (I still play regularly enough) but that I’ve stopped sharing my experiences online. …Kind of. If you want to see any of my sim doings, check out my bare Livejournal, here.

The writing thing? Oh, that continues – I must update the Short Pieces page at some stage with some of my recent work. [EDIT: done!] What I love about posting my writing online is the lack of anxiety I feel sharing it (relative to real life) – mostly because, the chances of anyone recognising the experiences or people I often write about are minimal.

This isn’t a good-bye letter, nor is it a justification for absence. I don’t have any real reason for not updating any sooner than this. But I can say that I am a somewhat different person to the girl who wrote the last post in this blog, if only through being a year older. Different by virtue of experience – I feel I’ve learned lots in the last few months.

Funnily enough, this is not meant to be a gloomy entry. I’m just rather tired and fresh from reading a blog by a somewhat gloomy friend of mine. To give this post some cheer, have a cute pokemon .gif.

Let’s save the goodbyes for when I leave posting a new update even longer than this…


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