It’s been a while.

I have to admit, I’ve been more inactive in the Sims community in the last few months than I thought I’d be. In fact, once I’d finished secondary school I thought I’d have all the time in the world to play Sims, write stories, edit pictures and to generally be unsociable. Erm. I was wrong. Turns out that college is more time-consuming than you are lead to believe. It’s not that I have heaps of lectures and coursework to get through (though I have enough, considering it’s only a humble arts degree I’m doing), but you don’t count on the social side of things. These days my free time is spent on campus rather than on the computer. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last three months, but despite the lurking and occasional posting I’ve done over on The Unofficial BBS, I’ve haven’t been around much.

I really don’t think that’s going to change much either. There’s no way I’m going to get back into playing or even loading up the game. It’s only installed on our nearing geriatric family desktop, which I haven’t had to use recently thanks to Barney the purple Sony Vaio laptop. There’s also no chance of Barney handling TS2 with expansion packs and CC–which is the only way I’d play the game–so my pixel dollies aren’t coming to college with me any time soon.

What I’m saying is – don’t count on getting many (or any) TS2 updates from me these days. It’s not so much that I’ve moved on from it – we’ve just kind of drifted apart, like two friends that don’t see each other as much as they used to. It’s weird likening the game to an old friend, but I think many people out there that have played and loved The Sims 2 can relate to that.

That said, I’m still hanging around. I know people are going to roll their eyes at this but, I’ve actually been booting up TS3 recently. It’s installed on the laptop, which means on a rainy day the citizens of Sunset Valley come out to play. My graphics aren’t great and I’m running the game CC-less at the moment, but it’s a fresh experience for me after years of playing its predecessor. I’ve said this before (grudgingly; as I do now), but EA got some things right. Moodlets, traits and wishes are cool (though I missed wants and particularly fears at first) and I’m come to accept the look of the game (the sims’s appearance however are always going to be trumped by the CC-laden sims of TS2). I’m sure that with expansion packs installed and a capable computer to run it, the game can be considered a decent sequel to The Sims 2. I’ll never be as hooked though as I was with TS2. That probably has more to do with my age and current situation though, rather than the quality of either game.

The writing thing has taken a nose-dive also – something I’m more regretful about, to be honest. I think a part of it is that I do enough writing for college these days – some of which I find stimulating (you know you’re an English dork when you never miss a lecture and enjoy doing essays for the subject). I’m pretty uninspired to do any extracurricular writing however. I did Nanowrimo for about two days… after which I subconsciously threw in the towel. I got to about six hundred words (which I might expand upon and stick as a scrap under the Short Pieces part of the site) before promptly abandoning my ‘novel’ in favour of school work/television/internet surfing/a social life. It’s not such a loss though, because it really wasn’t going anywhere. I’ll say provisionally, ‘Maybe next year’.

That’s pretty sketchy though, given I remember saying the exact same thing this time last year. 😛

I really do want to get into the swing of writing again though. I’ve got a couple of buddies now who are also closet scribblers, one of whom completely put me to shame when she told me she had 140,000 words of a novel written. I felt like a bit of a twat when I told her I  had written a lot… just not a lot of any one particular story. I’d never be so petty as to want to challenge her feat, but I do think I should get better at starting–and more importantly, finishing–things.

Speaking of things I should have finished… I feel there’s no harm in making this public now.

It’s not finished, in that there’s a severe lack of pictures in the middle, and the writing is not my finest. But hey, I harped on about this for long enough – might as well let people see what all the fuss was about. Since I’m on WordPress (and because there’s little to no possibility of this ever reaching the Exchange), there’s mild bad language, very harmless sexual innuendos (The Belle Metamorphosis was HEAPS worse), the suggestion of violence and a reference to under-age drinking of the alcoholic nature. If you’re, say, under the age of thirteen (or a highly sensitive over-thirteen year old), read at your own peril. Also be aware that the second chapter of this, as well as any subsequent chapters,  may never see the light of the interwebs, except maybe in text-only format – if I ever write any more. Still, I hope people get some scant enjoyment of this, even in its unpolished state. 🙂

Shades of Grey; The Scheme.

Just out of interest, I recently stumbled upon a book of the same name in my local branch of Hughes and Hughes. I didn’t buy it, but I’m planning to. If you ever want to read a completed, superior (if completely non sim-related) Shades of Grey… then this one by Jasper Fforde should be your first port of call. 😀


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