Full steam ahead

I’m back at home after a pretty good break, where I got to build the last sandcastle of my childhood – or rather, the last fifteen. I figured, since I’m no great shakes at building them, instead of making one really great castle, I’d make a series of really crap ones – with the help of my three-year old cousin, who also supplied the bucket and spade.

I got a little sentimental actually. Not tearful, but it felt like I was gradually waving off my childhood. This whole summer has been a bit of a fond farewell to it, what with finishing up school, taking state exams, going on my last family holiday (maybe), seeing the final Harry Potter movie (date with him went very well – though I thought Deathly Hallows Part One was heaps better, the real highlight of the series) and the prospect of college in the autumn. Not to mention, my Leaving Cert results are due out in two weeks, followed by my debs (read: prom). Then comes my birthday and I’m legally an adult, whether I feel like one or not.

I’m not  really sad or anything. It’s just that, I am aware that I’m leaving one stage of my life and entering the next. But I’m looking forward to it. After all, you can make a sandcastle at any age, whether you’re eighteen or eighty-eight. 😀

– – – – –

Ahem. Anyway. Shades of Grey is back on track. I’m making good progress and most of the groundwork is done. I’m going to take my time with the editing though. I didn’t with the Figment prologue pics – a seriously old and crappy story that to this day I regret not doing properly – and that tale never got as far as the first chapter. I’m hoping to learn from past mistakes with SOG. That means that I’m going to make sure that the pictures are decent and the writing is acceptable. To be honest, I toyed with rewriting the first chapter – 😛 not to worry, it ain’t gonna happen at this stage – because I felt the standard wasn’t particularly good. In fairness, I wrote it a year ago before having any concrete idea of what was going to happen in the second chapter. When I compare it to what I’ve written more recently, it comes across as pretty limp. But, other than a few minor adjustments to the script, The Scheme is staying the way it is – and I’m just going to have to make up for any lack of quality with a great Chapter Two. 😉

All the same, there’s no more putting off on my side of things – I’m feeling more focused than ever when it comes to this. So, keep an eye out for the next post because it might just be called “At last”… 😀


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