Knew this would happen

Shades of Grey will probably be August at this stage.

Yes, I know – I said July. Yes, I know this will be the umpteenth deadline I’ve set for myself, that I will fail to keep.  Yes, I’m pretty disappointed in myself.

But it’s not really laziness holding me back this time. For one thing, I’ve been drafted in as a painter. My mother has decided to paint the main bedroom while my dad’s away at Tai Chi summer camp (yes, you read that correctly. Heard of iPod widows? Well, Mom’s been a Tai Chi widow long before that phenomenon came along). I’m her semi-willing partner in this endeavour, explaining why I’m typing this while covered in paint splatters and with sore muscles after wielding a paint roller for a few hours. It’s a pretty big room and, given we’re putting up white over terracotta (it still looks orange, with one coat), it’s going to take a while. I can’t bail to go off playing Sims after promising to help.

Also – the computer’s under timeshare. My brother and I have a kind of unspoken agreement going on that we’ll take turns on the desktop, so I’ve been on Monday, today and am going to be on Friday. (He went on Tuesday, will be on Thursday etc.) So far that gives me… one and half days until my deadline.

Yes, I can count. Technically, I should also have Sunday to work on this too (Sunday being 31st July). I thought I would. But nope – on Saturday, I’m off to Sligo for four days, to visit family. Which I don’t mind. I don’t resent going at all. I do regret though, that I made a deadline that coincides with it. 😦 I was totally going to make an effort to keep this one. I’m disappointed that I’m probably not going to be able to keep it.

Maybe it’s because August was the month I began to write SOG. As in, August 2010. o_o It was towards the end of the month, like the 30th, but I really don’t want it to have taken a year to go from paper to the internet. Eleven months, twelve months; there’s not a heap of difference there. But I’d rather be able to say “it took me eleven months” than “it took me a year”. 😛

I’m glad to say that the story has come on since eleven months ago. Although I think the first chapter is more introductory than gripping (shaky plot, but you get to meet most of the characters), the rest of the story has changed drastically. For example, what will occur in the third chapter (imagine how long it’s going to take me to get that out :o), I hadn’t even envisioned when I started writing the first. Literally, none of what goes on there would have happened, if I’d kept the story going along the original course I’d had in my head.

The characters have come on too. Jade has a bit more personality that she did at the beginning. Although she’s mostly just the eyes and the ears of the reader in the story, she has a bit more  spark to her now (that’s the idea anyway). The persona of Hermie, her best friend, used be just that she was a girl with pink hair. As in, I literally thought, “there’s going to be this girl called Jade, and her best friend will have pink hair”. 😀 Now Hermie does have a few actual personality traits, and is more interesting than Jade in some ways. Blake is less black-and-white than he used to be. Gwen has more depth. Jem simply exists. (Hermie was never going to have a twin – maybe a younger brother, but not one that had a speaking part.)

None of this will have any relevance to anyone, me excluded. But I get a bit of a kick seeing how the little people in my head have changed and developed over time.

That’s my  Sims update. One spot of real-life, self-absorbed bad news? Apparently I need braces. This is a terrible revelation for me. It wouldn’t be so earth-shattering if I’d been fourteen when I was told this. Braces at fourteen is pretty normal. Braces at nearly eighteen, when you also wear glasses and are going to university, is a personal hell. I’m not a real emergency case, so I don’t have to get them right away, but I will have to get them probably somewhere along the road. I’m making it out to be a lot worse than it probably is but, this is preying on my mind heaps. I guess I should look on the bright side. It just means I won’t be able to smile in pictures for sixteen months while I have them and that I’ll be picking up my lens prescription every month.

The pictures are a couple of random shots/edits, of Ms Henderson, Jade and Merissa (an ‘extra’)  respectively. Really just to show off my mad school making/decorating skillz. 😛 😀 As I said in the last post, it really is just two classrooms and a corridor – but hopefully in the story, it will look genuine. Want to see what it really looks like?

Some school. 😛


4 responses to “Knew this would happen

  1. I don’t think it should matter how long it takes you. If it takes longer for you to make something you’re happy with then make us wait so we can see something you’re happy with us seeing.

    • ^^ I guess it’s not the length of time it’s taken to get what I’ve done so far finished that bothers me. It’s the length of time I’ve spent not doing anything, when I could have been working on this… if that makes any sense! But I agree, if I’d pushed myself to make a story in two months rather than twelve, I wouldn’t have been happy with what I would have produced. I’m not planning on rushing anything. But good news is, I don’t have a lot left to do. 🙂

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